Prime offices continue to defy the downturn in market trends.
Prime offices continue
to defy the downturn 
in market trends. 

Prime London office interior

As the transformative real estate investment landscape in London continues to evolve, Unica Capital plays a leading role, driving the surge in prime office rents and redefining the city’s office market.

Unica Capital’s most recently completed project is a prime commercial office space on Portland Street; this real estate investment is a testament to their commitment to excellence and investment in historic buildings in desirable locations.

Located on the vibrant Portland Street in the heart of Soho, this recently acquired property has undergone a meticulous refurbishment both inside and out, ensuring the highest standards of quality and sophistication. The building’s historic charm is showcased through exposed brickwork and exquisite parquet flooring, creating an atmosphere that blends the best of the past with the demands of modern businesses, ready for a wide mix of potential office tenants.

Connectivity is a key advantage of this latest real estate investment property, as it benefits from exceptional transport links. With five underground stations, including Oxford Circus, Leicester Square, and Tottenham Court Road, all within a short walking distance, tenants and their clients will enjoy seamless access to major transport hubs. 

Spanning just over one square mile, Soho boasts walkability, a desirable feature sought by today’s modern commuters. This strategic location enhances the property’s financial investment appeal, making it a highly desirable head office location for businesses seeking convenience, connectivity and the ability to impress current and future clients.

Surrounding the building is an area renowned for its diverse, lively, and vibrant atmosphere; Soho holds a well-deserved reputation as one of London’s premier socialising destinations. However, this maze of streets nestled in the heart of the West End’s nightlife scene offers much more than just pubs and restaurants.

This dynamic district is a powerful tool for employee retention and attraction. Its unique location and vibrant environment fosters a sense of community with abundant options for dining, entertainment, and leisure activities, creating a well-rounded work-life balance for tenants and their employees.

Published: July 20 2023
Author: Michala Chatel

Prime London office interior

Demand for prime offices remains high
Demand for
prime offices 
remains high

As demand for prime office locations remains high, Unica Capital and its investors play a pivotal role in the growth and prosperity of London’s commercial real estate market.

Portland Street is the most recently completed project in an exceptional property investment portfolio that leads the way in the prime office market.

With their visionary approach and focus on delivering state-of-the-art spaces, Unica Capital is shaping the future of London’s office market, driving growth and prosperity in the city.

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