Our Property Investment Approach
Our Property 

Our commitment to Property Investment is to achieve a clear end goal: to deliver the highest returns for our investors.

We understand that no two projects are the same, and our analysis and informed strategic approach are tailored to add value at every stage of the process. We develop and deliver the highest level of expertise to best manage the lifecycle of each real estate and property investment.

With a proven record of 17 years experience in real estate, Unica has an in-depth understanding of construction, design, development, and end-to-end project management.

Unica Capital Real Estate Investment London

Delivering our clients the highest quality property investments.
Delivering our clients 
the highest quality 
property investments.


Every property investment the Unica team manages is as important to them as the last – no matter the size. We approach all investments with the same energy, attention to detail, and determination to ensure each maximises its full investment potential.

Real Estate Investment Management London

Trust for the long-term

Unica has built up many strong and lasting relationships over the years and our professional reputation is paramount. With complete transparency, Unica always seeks to build positive long-term partnerships that benefit all parties.

Unica values the trust our clients place in us, and remains committed to upholding this trust, by striving to implement the highest ethical standards and compliance with the strictest international building and environmental codes.

We believe that the buildings of the future have the power to create sustainable cities, which in turn will promote economic, environmental, social, and civic wellbeing.

Passion for excellence

The Unica team is passionate about all they do and utilises a wide range of skills to make a positive difference through their work for communities and investors alike. It is a passion that drives our relentless focus to create winning outcomes for investors, employees, and tenants.

From acquisition to initial design, planning, and throughout the entire construction or refurbishment process, Unica has the detailed knowledge needed to create buildings from the most luxurious materials using a team of hand-picked craftspeople. By doing so, Unica’s growing portfolio of unparalleled real estate assets has the potential to realise unrivalled investment returns.

Insight to innovate

Unica thinks strategically, challenging assumptions to bring fresh, clear perspectives that uncover new opportunities.

Even in a globally connected environment, the most successful real estate solutions are delivered with local expertise based on a deep understanding of market needs and access to local-level research and analysis. Our ability to harness all these vital components allows us to be creative and proactive in the solutions provided to investors.

In an ever-evolving world, Unica has a commitment to working closely with innovation partners. A key to our vision and strategy is the desire to constantly anticipate new and innovative solutions.

Our team of experts
Our team
of experts

Unica is passionate about what they do and utilise the wide range of skills the team possess to focus on creating winning outcomes for clients, employees, and shareholders.

From acquisition, initial design planning, and throughout the entire construction or refurbishment process, Unica has the detailed knowledge needed to craft buildings from the most luxurious materials, fashioned by a team of hand-picked craftspeople creating unparalleled assets.

Byron Baciocchi
Byron Baciocchi
Founder & CEO
Chloé Roussel Chief Operating Officer
Chloe Roussel
Managing Partner
Alexandre Piechaud Head of Analysis
Alexandre Piechaud
Global Head of Finance & Operations
Michala Chatel
Head of Investor Relations
Charles Berthillon
Head of Compliance and Accounting
Ricardo Gato
Marketing & Communications Director
James Rohan
Communications Designer
Viktoria Kostolna
Corporate and Administrative Affairs

Advisory Board

Unica’s distinguished board has experience spanning a multitude of industries, markets, and high-value projects.

Edward Spencer Churchill

Edward Spencer-Churchill


Edward Spencer-Churchill started his career at Bain & Company. He has over 20 years’ experience investing in a wide range of companies and industries. Ed oversaw the £500 million business process outsourcing transactions for Pearl Group with Tata Consultancy Services in 2005 which transformed the business. Most recently, he has overseen SCP’s investment into Abacai Group, a personal line insurance technology business.

Margaux Primat Profile

Margaux Primat


After studying Communications and Marketing at the International University of Monaco, Margaux Primat started her career within her family hotel business and Family Office. With a broad experience in investment, Margaux founded her own investment company called Moonstone, investing in fields such as impact, renewable energies, technology, and real estate.

Ted Schneider Profile

Ted Schneider


Ted started his career in the luxury watch industry where he had a major role and position in the family business Breitling, famed for being specialists in creating timepieces for pilots and flight enthusiasts. The watch company was sold to British private equity company CVC Partners in August 2017. Ted then co-founded a new watch brand, NORQAIN. 5 years later, NORQAIN currently has 200 points of sale worldwide.

Always attracted by real estate, he decided to invest and join the Swissroc team in 2018, as Administrator and Director of Development & Investment. Over the last 5 years, he has invested in various opportunities from industrial and warehouses, to residential and commercial projects.

William Bouygues Profile

William Bouygues


With more than 12 years in real estate, William Bouygues has extensive experience in construction and property development. William has worked for renowned international construction companies such as Bouygues Bâtiment International, Bouygues Énergies & Services and Linkcity (Bouygues Construction).

In March 2021, he became the Managing Director of Bouygues Immobilier, in charge of strategic projects for the commercial real estate division. In addition, William is a Censor of the board for Bouygues Construction, as well as the administrator of Bouygues Immobilier, Equans and the Francis Bouygues Foundation. He is also the permanent representative for SCDM Participations, on the Board of the Bouygues Group and the Chairman of SCDM Développement.

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