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Property Management Leasing Sales London

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A proven track record
A proven 

Unica has an in-depth understanding of construction, design, development, and end-to-end project management of the real estate lifecycle. Our in-house team know what is required to create the most desirable spaces in the world.

Our pillars of expertise include commercial development and management, credit, special situations, private equity, financial sector, and liquid strategy.

We approach all investments with the same energy, attention to detail and determination, delivering on our core values; trust for the long term, passion for excellence and insight to innovate.

About Unica
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An agile team of experts
An agile
team of 

Unica’s distinguished board and team has experience spanning a multitude of industries, markets, and high-value projects.

From acquisition, initial design planning, and throughout the entire construction or refurbishment process, Unica has the detailed knowledge needed to craft buildings from the most luxurious materials, fashioned by a team of hand-picked craftspeople creating unparalleled assets.

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Edward Spencer-Churchill
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Margaux Primat
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Ted Schneider
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Property Management Leasing Sales London

Our eminent board and team of experts.

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