Is Now the Right Time to ‘Rightsize’ Your Office?
Is Now the Right Time 
to Rightsize Your Office?

Poland Street soho London office Interior

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, the question of office size and space utilisation has gained new prominence. The concept of ‘right-sizing,’ which essentially involves optimising office space for efficiency and effectiveness, is taking centre stage. With the current state of the world and shifting work dynamics, it’s worth exploring whether now is the time to embark on this journey of redefining office dimensions.

The Positives of Rightsizing
The advantages of rightsizing your office can significantly affect various parts of your business.

1. Environmental Considerations:
In an age increasingly aware of climate change and sustainability, rightsizing takes on a meaningful role in shrinking carbon footprints. Streamlining office space and trimming energy usage lets companies showcase their dedication to a more eco-friendly path. As the public turns to businesses for a lead in demonstrating sustainable practices, the call for genuine action to curtail carbon footprints becomes louder than mere symbolic gestures.

2. Modern Work Environment:
Rightsizing presents a chance to create a fresh, modern work environment that aligns with contemporary real estate trends and fosters innovation. A well-designed office space can invigorate creativity and productivity among employees. A perfect example would be the recently redeveloped Cork Street in Mayfair, where employees enjoy beautifully furnished surroundings and the best of modern amenities.

3. Strategic Location:
When it comes to choosing the optimal location for your office, every decision counts. Delve into the vibrancy of London’s Soho or the prestige of Mayfair, which offer a location and ambiance distinct from the traditional business hubs like Canary Wharf. This deliberate choice not only elevates your brand image but also casts a powerful impression on clients and provides a more attractive and accessible haven for your valued staff. Moving to ‘Hubs’ consisting of business in similar sectors can greatly benefit your company. Great Smith Street as an example sits in the heart of Westminster and is home to a government agency.

4. Cost Savings and Efficiency:
Downsizing can lead to substantial cost savings. With the advent of hybrid working models, businesses can optimise their space, potentially reducing rent and utility expenses. An efficient office layout can also improve workflow and collaboration.

5. Wider Talent Pool:
Embracing hybrid work can open doors to a broader talent pool. As work becomes less location-dependent, your company can tap into talent from around the UK, enriching your team’s skills and diversity. Take, for instance, Unica Capital’s recently completed project on Poland Street in the heart of Soho. This gem of a property seamlessly melds historic allure with contemporary demands, featuring exposed brickwork and exquisite parquet flooring. This strategic choice can enhance your brand image and attract both clients and talented professionals.

6. Enhanced Company Culture:
A thoughtfully designed office fosters a sense of community and belonging among employees, ultimately contributing to a stronger company culture.

Guiding Your Rightsizing Decision
When contemplating rightsizing – whether downsizing or upsizing – certain considerations should guide your strategy.

1. Employee Involvement:
Engage with your teams to understand their preferences for work environments. Different roles may require different settings, so tailoring the office space to their needs is essential.

2. Purposeful Space Allocation:
Define how you plan to use the office space. Is it for focused desk work, collaborative meetings, or a mix of both? Design a space that accommodates these diverse needs and can be adapted in the future.

3. Investing Savings Wisely:
If you’re downsizing to save costs, consider reinvesting those savings into a higher-quality space, in prime real estate locations. Providing appealing amenities and fostering a vibrant atmosphere can elevate the overall office experience.

In a recent survey by Lambert Smith Hampton, it was revealed that a significant portion of businesses with fewer than fifty employees were planning to downsize their office space. This trend is reflected in the changing landscape of work, where remote work is becoming more prevalent. Access to a wider talent pool, reduced expenses, and the opportunity to align with sustainable practices are compelling factors driving this transition.

The office of the future is one of choice, not obligation. By ‘rightsizing’ your office, you’re not only adapting to current realities but also positioning your business for success in the dynamic world of work. It’s an investment in the well-being of your employees, the efficiency of your operations, and the sustainability of our planet. As the world redefines the way we work, ‘rightsizing’ your office might just be the strategic move your business needs.

Published: August 31 2023
Author: Byron Baciocchi

Poland Street soho London office Interior

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