Human Desire to be Social and Collaborative Will Shape The Way We Work
Human Desire to be Social 
and Collaborative Will Shape 
The Way We Work

London office property investment collaboration

Humans are social by nature and at our most innovative and creative when we collaborate. During the pandemic, technology allowed us to interact with almost anyone on the planet at any time, however, the vast majority of us crave in-person interactions.

As a result, safe, accessible, vibrant towns and cities are highly sort-after, and sustainable, well-located assets that support and enhance our home life and workplace experience will always thrive.

Future Drivers of the Office Market
Marcus Phayre-Mudge from TR Property identifies two key elements driving the office market: demand for high-quality space to entice staff back to the workplace and demand for energy-efficient buildings to fulfil environmental commitments and cost-saving efforts.

The rise of green buildings is anticipated to create a supercycle in the property market. As companies seek energy-efficient spaces to align with their environmental goals, investors can find opportunities in properties that embrace sustainable practices.

Positive Signs in the London Residential Property Market
Despite the challenging times, financial experts believe that the downturn has ended in the residential property market. The recent sell-off has created opportunities for bold investors to make strategic moves and capitalise on the potential for growth.

Data from Q1 of this year indicates that buyer demand for London properties is 70% higher than the five-year average, while the average pipeline of listed-to-sale has shortened to just three weeks. Rents are on the rise, outpacing property prices, leading to an increasingly positive outlook for the London rental market.

Investors are urged to consider the rental yield of a property as a vital indicator of its performance potential. Rental yields in London have stabilised and currently average around 4.2%. Demand for rental homes in the capital rebounds, which presents an ideal time for property investment opportunities within London.

Heritage and Distressed assets
Older and distressed assets can realise their new value through repositioning, renovations, or adapting to new uses within a sector or even completely new sectors. These assets can be used for traditional office-to-lab or office-to-residential. In many cases, extensive work is needed, due to the current landlord being unable or unwilling to finance.

Green and sustainability targets
For “green” assets, acting sooner rather than later offers the best opportunities for capitalising on the lack of supply in what is becoming a highly sort after sub-category to premium or AAA. Meeting such standards will prove expensive, but critical for maximum returns. Be ready to act fast when the market price reaches its full potential. These assets will require confidence, patience, and decisive action.

Cycles have peaks and troughs
Now is the time for strong and strategic investments to capitalise. The interest rate cycle is close to peaking and the outlook is starting to become clearer. Frustration and confusion will begin to subside as we transition to a thriving recovery phase. Warren Buffet famously said that investors should be “fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”

Investment trusts are highlighted as a preferred route for investors, offering flexibility and resilience during turbulent periods. Focusing on quality management within property businesses is key to successful property investment decisions.

London’s property market has proven its resilience amid challenging circumstances. Investors can capitalise on the city’s enduring appeal, growing demand for high-quality spaces, and the emerging green building trend. By identifying opportunities and leveraging the expertise of reputable investment partners, investors can position themselves for success in London’s thriving property landscape.

For those with vision and the confidence to back themselves, we are approaching the point where peak uncertainty will transition into peak opportunity. The coming years will undoubtedly be challenging, but they will also be some of the most exciting and rewarding that we will ever see.

Published: August 17 2023
Author: Michala Chatel

London office property investment collaboration

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