Founex Luxury Lake Geneva Residence
Lake Geneva 

The project is situated in one of the most sought-after locations in Geneva, where lakefront properties with such setups are rare. Whether arriving by car or boat, visitors will be in awe of this spectacular property designed to capture the full splendour of Lake.

No detail was overlooked; beautifully landscaped grounds complement stoned driveways, a water fountain, an infinity pool, a rolling lawn, a pier, a sun deck, and glass elevators for vehicles.

Upon entering the residence, visitors will not be disappointed; large windows and double-height entrances are designed to maximise natural light.

Stepping into the front entrance, guests are greeted by a beautiful hall with a skylight set over a large olive tree – a truly impressive centrepiece for any home.

Pristine white interiors are complemented by the cool tones of beautifully detailed furnishings, parquet flooring, brass details, alabaster lighting, fine artwork, and exquisite attention to detail – creating an overall impression of immense luxury.

Project Summary

Founex – Switzerland
6942 sqft (GIA)
Design Role
Architectural Advisor, Interior Design, Construction and Project Management

Unica’s design team has carefully curated sumptuous decorative lighting and exquisite furnishings for this expansive 7-bedroom property, offering a distinctive luxury living experience, mirroring Unica’s signature blend of classic and contemporary aesthetics.

This property has been meticulously reborn for the discerning UHNW individual and their family
This property has been meticulously
reborn for the discerning UHNW 
individual and their family

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